Yuminashi CRF110 HD Oil Pump

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  • Fits all years CRF110

    The Yuminashi Hyper Oil Pump is the highest volume oil pump on the market, and such a high output oil pump is certainly not a luxury in the horizontal air cooled engines, but really something which you should consider to buy because the much larger amount of oil circulating, takes the heat much faster away from the cylinder head and all other hot running parts, which is typical for this engine type.

    It's also a serious improvement on the lubrication side of course which benefits the crankshaft life, and if you are running a large oil cooler then the high output from the Hyper Oil Pump ensures you the pressure you need to pump your much higher oil volume around in that large oil cooler...

    Can be used in combination with a semi-automatic clutch, a manual normal clutch and a manual dry clutch. 

    *Installation Instructions*