DHM Titanium Axles

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  • DH Motoring is excited to announce that after a year of development, our titanium axle and swingarm bolt kit is finally in production! All shafts and nuts are manufactured from Grade 5 6al-4v titanium for high strength and low weight. Titanium is noticeably lighter than steel and still extremely strong.

    Both axles and swingarm bolt have threaded ends that accept a nut on each side, in comparison to the stock setup which consists of a standard bolt with a single nut. The double-nut design allows you to service one side at a time without having to remove the entire bolt. This is helpful when replacing or working on rearsets and/or axle sliders! No more awkwardly holding the bike up trying to pull the swingarm bolt to replace a broken or damaged rearset!

    Each axle including both nuts weigh 4.3oz lighter than their steel counterparts. When using all three you can expect a 13oz savings over stock (just over 3/4lb). 

    Due to the nature of galling when using titanium hardware, we manufactured these with a 1.5 thread pitch instead of the OEM 1.25 pitch in order to keep the threads as smooth as possible. In addition, anti-seize compound should be used on the threads when installing. 

    Product Features:

    • Grade 5 6al-4v titanium
    • M12x1.5 thread
    • Double nut design, to allow servicing of one side of the bike without removing the entire axle.
    • Lightweight, 4.8oz per axle lighter than the stock bolt
    • 16mm Hex head (compared to 19mm OEM) on the nuts to allow any socket to fit with aftermarket rearsets or axle sliders.
    • Uses OEM torque spec, but requires the use of anti seize on threads