Decha Performance Manual Tensioner

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Fits 2013-2019 Grom and Monkey

If you're serious about making power, replacing your weak OEM cam chain tensioner is a must!

The Decha Performance manual tensioner is a direct OEM replacement that provides reliable tension on your cam chain so there's no worry about chain slap or skipping teeth! The body is made of a hardened and coated steel for a long life, and includes two high quality o-rings for a great seal. Capture nut is of course anodized in black for a sleek look, with a nylon locking nut to top it off. Adjusting cam chain tension is as simple as a turn of a flat head screwdriver. You won't find a higher quality and cheaper solution on the market!

  • Hardened and coated steel for durability
  • Double o-rings for perfect seal
  • Black anodized capture nut and nylon locking nut
  • Direct replacement for OEM tensioner