CJR Cam Chain Guide

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  • Fits all years CRF110

    This Cam Chain Guide is an excellent substitute for the OEM part, particularly in cases of high RPM operations. Typically, the rubber rollers that come standard experience rapid wear, resulting in decreased reliability and the potential for rubber fragments to enter the motor.

    Installation Notes:
    • Remove the left engine cover
    • Use the flywheel puller to remove the flywheel
    • Remove OEM roller guide and spacer
    • Remove the OEM rubber roller found in the middle of the cylinder. Use 10mm to remove the bolt and roller. Replace with a shorter 10mm bolt (not included) using the same or a new copper washer.
    • Install chain guide in place of the OEM roller guide
    • Re-Install covers, ensure the camshaft is on TDC, and turn over the engine by hand 3 times before firing.