Avail Motorsports CRF110 Hydraulic Clutch

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If you're looking for a clutch solution other than the cheaply made Thai cover with the crappy cable pull, this is what you've been waiting for!

Designed to work with the OEM Honda clutch cover, the Avail Motorsports Hydraulic Clutch Kit has been extensively tested and gives you the option of retaining a semi-auto or Rekluse type clutch behavior, or the option to go full-manual when paired with a centrifugal lockout! We created this kit to have the best feel and engagement possible, and made sure it is compatible with a stock or any aftermarket clutch combination. Your clutch options are unlimited and installation is a breeze!

*Installation Instructions*

This kit REQUIRES the use of a 10mm Brembo(XR01610) or 10.5mm Magura(2700187) master cylinder. Deviating from either of these master cylinders will result in poor performance and/or a very undesirable throw. DOT5 fluid recommended.

If purchasing the kit without a master cylinder, you will be asked to provide proof of ownership of a Brembo or Magura master cylinder.