Avail Motorsports CNC Manifold Port

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  • The stock unported manifold is hands down the biggest bottleneck on your engine and a CNC manifold port is one of the best ways to give your bike a big bump in power on a budget, even with the stock 19mm TB!

    The Avail Motorsports CNC manifold port service has been carefully developed and designed to push the absolute limits of the stock manifold. The OEM 110 manifold has been opened up from a sad 12mm, to a whopping 17mm, and has shown a significant improvement on the dyno with a tune or paired with your favorite CJR Performance ECU flash.

    • Stock CRF110 with CNC Manifold…  16% gain
    • Stock CRF110 with CJR Flash and CNC Manifold… 28% gain
    • CJR Flash/Exhaust/Cam/24mm TB with CNC Manifold… 56% gain! 

    Turn around time is extremely quick and usually within 1-2 days of receiving your mailed-in manifold. Save yourself shipping costs and get your throttle body Velocity Ported while you're at it for the ultimate manifold and TB combination.