Avail Motorsports Cam Cover Vent

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  • Estimated arrival - August 14, 2024

  • Fits ALL years Honda Grom and Monkey, including '22 and up!

    Looking for an additional crank case vent for your Honda Grom/Monkey, but don't want to give up your cool looking aftermarket cam cover? This is your solution!

    Designed to be leak proof and stand the test of time, the Avail Motorsports Cam Cover Vent won't leave you feeling light in your wallet, and adds an additional crank vent necessary for high performance and big bore builds. Baffles have been carefully placed to avoid oil pickup from windage, and make the most of your ventilation. Compatible with your favorite adjustable cam gear as well!

    Made with 6061 aluminum and protected with a bead blast and natural anodized finish, you have no worries of corrosion. Included is an additional OEM O-ring, new stainless hardware, and an interchangeable 3/8th hose barb anodized in black. Simply bolt on with your choice of cam cover and ride!