aRacer RC Mini-X

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  • ARacer RCmini X is a complete standalone engine management system that allows you to make all adjustments via Wi-Fi on your smart phone or tablet. Pair this up with the correct fuel injector size and you could easily tune your engine to run endless combinations of aftermarket parts.

    Tuning can be done on a dyno (highly recommended) or safely on a back road/street using the optional AF2 Wideband O2, which allows the auto tune function to work while you ride.

    RCmini X ECU
    1. Brand-new 4-core MCU, the computing speed is increased by 200%
    2. 20x17 (RPM x TPS%) fuel adjustment
    3. 20x9 (RPM x TPS%) ignition angle adjustment (pay to open another 2 MAP)
    4. Manifold Air Pressure base for inlet air amount calculation
    5. Environment temp and Baro compensation available
    6. Increase Rev Limit. Pit Limit.
    7. Increase almost 10% above power after calibration (depend on engine model)
    8. Easy plugin (remove stock ECU and install RC1 ECU without any harness modified)
    9. Same connector as stock ECU
    10. RCmini 5 ECU meet IP67 specs
    11. Support Auto-Tune with aRacer AF2 wideband sensor module
    12. Built-in Wi-Fi and 360-degree antenna design (no additional wiring required), the connection signal strength is increased by 20%