aRacer AF2 Wideband O2

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  • aRacer AF2 Professional Wideband O2 AFR Module now comes included with a Bosch LSU 4.9 wideband O2 Sensor! aRacer has significantly improved the design and function of the AF2 to give it a much more stable and quicker AFR reading. They have also built the harness so that it would plugin directly to the aRacer ECU without the need to purchase any other splitter or additional cables. By doing so, this has made the installation much easier and simpler, which the need to tuck away unused connectors and lengthy wires from the splitters.

    1. High accuracy and high-speed response
    2. It can be realized "Closed Loop Fuel Compensation" with Stage 2 or Higher ECU (RC Mini 5, RC Super 2, RC Super 2 Gold)
    3. No need for calibration, just plug and play
    4. BOSCH LSU 4.9 wideband oxygen sensor

    NOTE: A 18mm o2 sensor bung is required on the exhaust header. If your exhaust header pipe does not have an available o2 bung, then you would need to add one. Please see the related items below for the stainless steel o2 bung and cap.