DHM ECU Flash Service

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Please add service to cart and provide additional notes with full details on bike modifications. We will contact you within 24-hours to provide instructions on mailing in your ECU for flash services.

Avail Motorsports has partnered up with DHM to offer you the original flash tuning solution for the Honda Grom/Monkey!

You may know the stock unmodified ECU runs extremely lean, leading to poor performance, especially paired with aftermarket additions. Since this option retains the stock ECU, the bike will start, run, and idle like normal, retaining that OEM-like rideability with a little extra punch!

This is the best alternative to a fuel controller, especially at the price point. You no longer need to spend hundreds of dollars on a tuner if you have simple bolt-ons for your bike!

DHM Stage 1 Flash (Intake/Exhaust)

By correcting the fuel and timing tables in your factory ecu, this option will make the engine run much safer, paired with your choice of intake and exhaust.

DHM Stage 2 Flash (Intake/Exhaust/Cam)

DHM is able to extract up to 3HP more in the higher RPMs paired with an aftermarket TB camshaft, thanks to his ECU flash. With the ability to pull to 10,000 RPM before shifting, we find this option is the best bang for buck upgrade available for your bike.
  • 2-3 HP gain over stock!
  • Raised rev limit of 10,000rpm (compared to 9,250rpm stock)
  • Corrected air/fuel ratio
  • Additional ignition timing for improved throttle response
  • Higher top speed
  • Better mid-range torque
  • Optional tip-sensor delete
  • Optional cold-start high idle delete
  • Optional closed-loop delete (will allow your piggyback to make changes to the closed loop portion of the map)
*If running a camshaft other than TB, please indicate in notes during purchase!


DHM Stage 3 Flash (Piston/Intake/Exhaust/Cam)

Combined with your aftermarket intake and exhaust, this is the most you can get out of your Grom without doing any head work. The Stage 3 package, requiring the DHM Stock Bore High Compression piston, makes more power than a stock Grom or Monkey at every RPM, and double the horsepower(13.5hp) at 9000+ rpm!
*Requires DHM Stock Bore High Compression piston
*Requires 91 octane or greater to prevent engine damage


DHM TB 186cc Flash

This service is for customers who already own a TB 186cc big bore kit and are looking for a simple tuning solution. This reflash makes 14.5 ft/lbs of torque and 16.5hp when paired with the 186cc kit and an upgraded intake and exhaust system.
*Requires a PCX150 injector and upgraded intake and exhaust.