aRacer AF1 Wideband O2

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aRacer AF1 Professional AFR Module is a complete plug and play module that functions with aRacer ECUs. The wideband O2 sensor was designed by BOSCH and delivers high accuracy and high-speed response time. This AFR Module comes highly recommended when you are trying to tune your Honda Grom / Monkey or any other motorcycle that requires a wideband to get your bike running smooth!

The aRacer AF1 AFR Module works in conjunction with the optional DG-1 Multi-Function Display from aRacer.


  • High accuracy and high-speed response
  • It can be realized "Closed Loop Fuel Compensation" with RC/RCMINI Plus ECU
  • No need to calibration, just plug and play
  • Employed BOSCH wideband oxygen sensor